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Ugborough School


Executive Headteacher Mrs Karen Dixon
Foundation Miss Gemma Warley
Year 1 & 2 Miss Sophie Fownes
Year 3 Mrs Lucy French & Mrs Godfrey

Year 4

Year 5 & 6

Miss Amelia Hartigan

Mr Steve Kellas

Federation Art Teacher Mrs Louise Cloke
Federation Music Teacher Mr Sam Massey
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs Lucy French
Federation Business Manager Mrs Karen Sims-Stirling
Administrator Mrs Beverley Harnett
Teaching Assistants Mrs Julie Briant, Mrs Kathy Pluckrose
  Mrs Liz Cade, Mr Martin Hill-Smith
  Mrs Su Prendergrast, Mr Sam Miller

Mrs Claudia Gales

Peripetetic Music Teachers Mrs Rachel French - Clarinet, Guitar, Flute,
  Saxaphone, Piano
  Mr James Martin - Drums
Caretaker & Cleaner (Norse)  
Kitchen Assistant (Norse) Miss Kim Turpin


School Council

The School Council is made up of a girl and a boy elected annually from each class.  They meet every half term to discuss issues such as lunchtime arrangements and playground equipment and to propose changes and improvements they would like.  These are considered by the staff and the decision is reported back together with the reasons for the decision. 

School Clubs

After school clubs are run by the staff from Monday to Thursday and include a wide variety of activities which change through the year. Choir, football, netball, dance, gymnastics and karate have been popular recently.  Full details are issued for each term in the Friday newsletter.


School Teams

Children are organised into houses in order to foster teamwork and healthy competition.

The houses are

Eagles             Red

Ospreys           Blue

Falcons            Green

Kestrels            Yellow

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