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School Meals and Menus

School Meals

We have a voucher system for lunches. Parents may buy books of vouchers (in advance) from Mrs Carlton or Mrs Harnett in the office. They are issued in units of 5 and they must be bought in advance as a lunch can only be provided if a child hands the voucher to their class teacher in exchange for their dinner. Any number of books may be purchased in advance.

Once you have bought a book of vouchers please fill in your child's name on every voucher  Each day select your meal choice from the menu and send one voucher in to school with your child. These will be put in a folder in each classroom each morning and given back to the child at lunchtime. This system saves a great deal of wasted lesson and administration time.

Lunch for both schools is cooked at Ermington and consists of a traditional meal. The quantity served is tailored to the appetite of the individual child and they are expected to eat all their lunch unless there is a specific reason for not doing so.  Vegetarian options are available and if your child has any particular dislikes or is on a special diet, please contact the School cook.

We also cater for children who bring packed lunches.

Free School meals are available to parents in receipt of Income Support.  Please contact the School Business Manager and be assured that all enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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