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Our Vision and Ethos

VISION (what we seek to achieve)

That every child is enabled to become an enthusiastic, confident and independent learner within a safe and stimulating environment, well-prepared for their next step in education and their future role within a diverse society.

ETHOS (the characteristics of the schools embodied in its leadership and evident in all its members)

We will achieve this by: -

 Actively encouraging and enabling children to take ownership of their own learning

 Being inclusive, whilst valuing the need for individuality, and promoting equality of opportunity for all learners

 Promoting positive relationships between members of different racial, cultural and religious groups that enables all families to participate equally in partnership with the schools for the education of their child/ren

 Developing high self-esteem through a culture where everyone is listened to, valued, supported, respected and feels secure

 Celebrating achievement and encouraging creativity and independence

 Embracing challenge and learning from experience even when things go wrong

 Offering an informative, interesting and vibrant environment which actively fosters a love of learning

 Enriching children’s perception of cultural diversity through developing a global awareness so that they appreciate their place in a global community

 Motivating children with a broad, rich and inspiring curriculum that encourages awe, wonder and spiritual awareness  

 Developing a culture of respect for others and self through establishing clear expectations and boundaries

 Creating a vibrant and interesting school where children, staff and parents develop a passion for learning

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