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Annual Governance Statement

The Beacon Federation

Annual Governance Statement for the Year 2017/2018


The core functions of the Governing Body are

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Since September 2017 the Governing Body has met ten times in line with the planned schedule.  Meetings have generally been well attended and all of the vacancies which arose in the course of the year were filled.  Following the self-evaluation in July 2017 a detailed programme of school monitoring visits was agreed at the AGM in September and the majority of these have been completed  Further visits have been arranged as the year has progressed to provide information for the topics scheduled for discussion.  The minutes of the meetings are all available on the Federation website.

Having agreed the Federation Development Plan for the year the progress of its implementation has been monitored each term and all the planned developments within the schools are in place or very soon will be.  The policy review schedule has also been completed.  The most demanding of these has been the implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulations in May but appropriate systems are now in place.

Having agreed the budget for the financial year in May 2017 the governors received regular updates on spending and income and are pleased to report that the Federation’s finances remain in good order.  The schools were audited by Devon in December and the report was very positive.  The budget for 2018/2019 was approved at the May 2018 meeting.  Ermington’s Teaching School status and the Headteacher’s external work as a National Leader of Education are significant factors in maintaining a balanced budget for the Federation.  Compliance with the Schools’ Financial Value Standards was reported in February.

The South Devon Primary Partnership has flourished during the year with collaborative working between the schools such as the Blue Planet Project being recognised as really beneficial to the children and staff.  Discussions were held in November to consider a more formal partnership model but this was not thought to be desirable for the time being.

Each school’s performance data were thoroughly reviewed following publication in November and the performance management programme for staff was monitored throughout the year.  The Headteacher’s appraisal was successfully completed with external professional support.  The governors received regular updates on staffing changes and recruitment. 

Individual governors have undertaken a variety of training courses during the year both those provided by Babcock and through the National Governors’ Association Learning Link which is now active.  In addition an in-house training session on Being Strategic was held in January to consider the implications of this core function and some potential issues for the governors in the coming year.

Governors have again been involved from time to time in various school activities such as conducting interviews for Year 5’s Industry Projects at both Ermington and Ugborough, attending Christmas and Harvest events and supporting sporting events and the drama production.  Informally they are often in school, particularly those who are parents themselves.

At their final meeting of the year the governors reflected on the past 12 months and discussed the vision for the Federation and the opportunities and challenges which were likely to arise in the coming year.  A summary of this discussion is attached to the minutes of the meeting of 11th July 2018.  This will form the basis for the work to be done in the coming months.


Sue Roberts -Chair of Governors

July 2018