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Annual Governance Statement

The Beacon Federation

Annual Governance Statement for the Year 2018/2019

The core functions of the Governing Body are

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the federation’s schools and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Since September 2018 the Governing Body has met ten times in line with the planned schedule.  Meetings have been well attended and all but two of the vacancies, which arose late in the year, were filled.  Following the self-evaluation in July 2018 which recognised the need for a clear strategy for the future the governors spent a significant amount of time in the autumn term identifying the key issues for the future of both schools.  They agreed that seeking to expand the federation following the resignation of Mrs Byrne was the best course to pursue for the federation and implemented this decision.  Discussion with Manor School in Ivybridge resulted in a formal agreed proposal which was put out to consultation in March/April.  Having received universal support the final decision was taken by the governors of both our federation and Manor School to proceed and the new arrangement (still to be known as The Beacon Federation) will commence in September. The minutes of the meetings are all available on the Federation website.

Having agreed the Federation Development Plan for the year the progress of its implementation was monitored each term and all the planned developments within the schools are in place or very soon will be.  The planned policy review schedule has also been completed. 

The budget for the financial year2018/2019 had been agreed in May 2018.  The governors received regular updates on spending and income and are pleased to report that the Federation’s finances remain in good order although the reserves are reduced.  Ermington’s Teaching School status and the Headteacher’s external work as a National Leader of Education continued to be significant factors in maintaining a healthy budget for the Federation.  Compliance with the Schools’ Financial Value Standards was reported in February.  A new budget for 2019/2020 was agreed in May 2019.

The South Devon Primary Partnership has continued to flourish during the year with collaborative working between the schools.  Peer reviews have proved a powerful source of challenge and inspiration for the members of the partnership.

Each school’s performance data were thoroughly reviewed following publication in November and the performance management programme for staff was monitored throughout the year.  The Headteacher’s appraisal was successfully completed with external professional support.  The governors received regular updates on staffing changes and recruitment. 

Individual governors have undertaken a variety of training courses during the year, both those provided by Babcock and through the National Governors’ Association Learning Link.  Planned visits have included monitoring EYFS, SEND, SATS and pre-teaching in Maths as well as attending events such as Remembrance Day and assemblies.

As the work of this governing board comes to a close I should like to thank all the governors who have served over the years for their dedication and enthusiasm for the work of both schools and for the time and energy they have devoted to their responsibilities.  Our very best wishes go to those who will be continuing to serve the new Federation. 

I should also like to express our deep gratitude to Mrs Byrne for all she has done to ensure that the children at Ermington and Ugborough have the best possible experience of primary school and to wish her a very happy retirement.

Sue Roberts -Chair of Governors

July 2019

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