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Welcome to The Beacon Federation

Learning Together, Achieving Our Best

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School Starters September 2021

If your child is starting school in September you may find it useful to watch

the videos below

Welcome to Ugborough School:

Welcome to Ermington School:

Welcome to Manor Primary School:




Ermington and Ugborough Primary Schools established the Beacon Federation in 2011 in order to work collaboratively in providing an excellent education for local children. The aim was to preserve the best traditions of each school while taking advantage of new opportunities together.  In September 2019, the Federation has been expanded to include Manor Primary School, Ivybridge.
As Executive Headteacher of the Federation, I am proud to work with a dedicated, experienced and highly professional team committed to each individual child’s development.  We believe that school should be a safe, supportive environment where children love learning and strive to achieve their very best. We work closely with parents and carers to give children the best start possible on their educational and personal journey.
Please note, we are in the process of updating this website to include all three Federation schools - in the meantime, please see www.manor.devon.sch.uk for Manor Primary School.
If you would like to know more about any of our schools, you are very welcome to come and see us in action - just phone or email and we will be happy to help.
Karen Dixon
Executive Headteacher

Consultation on our Admissions policy for 2022-23


Below you will see a link to our proposed admissions policy for 2022-23. We are consulting on this between 1 November and 8 January and invite any parent or other person with an interest in our admission arrangements to read the policy and make any comments you wish. You will see where there are changes, the text is in red – either something we propose to add or, if it has a line through it, something we propose to remove.


One of the proposals is to add children who have been adopted from state care outside of England to our oversubscription criterion 1. This is in anticipation that the Department for Education will require this change for all schools as it has just consulted on changes to the School Admissions Code. It is possible that the Department’s timescales may mean that the Code is not amended before the end of February, when we have to formally set our policy. If that is the case, we may have to determine our policy without that change and then alter it later in spring or summer. We are bringing it to your attention though as a change in policy that we expect to have to introduce.


Other than changes in red and dates moving forward a year, the way our policy will work is the same as in the previous year, 2021-22 which you can also see below.


If you have any comments, you can make them to Devon County Council which is co-ordinating the consultation. Further information is at www.devon.gov.uk/admissionarrangements. You will be able to view the proposed policies for all state-funded schools in Devon and the Local Authorities policies there too.


The consultation ends on 8 January and all policies must be determined by 28 February and published in the same places by 15 March.


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